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Free Logo Generator

This is a free logo generator for simple logos. Most designs are generic, but there are a few templates for specific niches, such as dentistry, law, automotive, architecture, health, home and DIY.

TIP: First add your website's colors, to make logos that fit harmoneously with your website design.

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COPYRIGHT: you can download these logos for free if you credit this website's developer, by placing a link to Wayback Machine Downloader. Alternatively, you can buy the rights to your logo by making a purchase on our front page.

Logo vs logotype: why a logotype is better for small businesses

There is a difference between a logo and a logotype. A logo is a symbol that is easily recognizable as a certain business and its values and services. For example the golden arches of McDonald’s can quite easily be recognized, everyone knows what it is and who it is. Logos like this, without any written words only become effective with a well established and well known business, and normally that business would have started with a logotype and reduced to a symbol over time.

A logotype is a word most likely the company’s name, a logotype is normally accompanied by a symbol as well. For example the word 'Nike' and its 'swoosh'. Although this is also a case where the symbol by its self can be recognized on its own as the Nike Footwear Company. Sony is an example of a pure logotype, where we see the word Sony in capital letters. The logos in the free generator above are almost all logotypes. A logotype without a symbol is simply a text logo.

Although the two are easily distinguishable, logotypes normally end up getting called logos any way. All in all a logotype (logo) is best for small businesses and the like, because small companies by definition won't have a recognizable logo.

Free logos for small businesses

When starting a business, you shouldn't spend too much time and money on creating a logo. Remember that nobody will recognize your logo – or even care much about it – and that you can always change it later down the road. Instead, you should focus on finding customers and creating revenue, which is why a free logo generator like the one above is so useful for starting companies.