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The Automatic Logo Generator For Small And Medium Companies

The Company Logo Generator is an extremely simple business logo creator, packed with everything a small business needs to design professional looking logos … with no need to learn or master high end products like Photoshop (although you can always use our tool and make adjustments with photoshop)

The logo generator offers over 100 different templates! Each new set contains a portfolio of unique designs that you can easily modify. You receive all copyrights over the logos that you purchase: you are even allowed to sell the logos you create!

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How to Create a Small Business Logo Design

Starting a new business? Well, you’ll be surprised just how many major establishments of the modern world started from a very small business and simply expanded from there. It’s really surprising how things can work out in the end and, even if you say that all you have is a “small business”, there’s no real way to predict how things may turn out for you and your little establishment. To represent it all though, you may need something to represent your company. Something that will let people know about your business and tell them just what it is that you do and what you can do for them. In short, a logo to better provide customers an idea of your company and what you’re capable of. And now, we’re going to give you the chance to design your own business logo for your company, whatever it may be.

Designing a Business Logo

Now that you’ve began to design a business logo, some of the things you’ll have to consider is just how much work you’ll have to put into it. Having a business logo isn’t really as simple as it sounds as there are still quite a few things that you’ll need to think about before putting it out there where everyone can see it. Here are just some of those things you’ll have to think about:

  • Uniqueness: Uniqueness is very important because a lot of people and companies have problems because of their logo resembling that of another’s. With the idea of copyrights and trademarks are a serious thing in this day and age and using ones that are suspiciously similar to that of any other can get you into quite a bit of trouble. So if you ever get around to making a business logo, you may also want to make it unique in order for potential customers to remember it easier. Using our free logo generator is therefor probably not a good idea, because free things are used by many people.
  • Peculiarity: A Business logo needs to be easy to notice. It needs to be easy to see and easy to make out. That way, a potential customer can never mistake it for anything other than your logo, further distinguishing your business from any others.
  • Memorability: Your business logo should be easy to remember. If your logo is something that people can easily forget, then you’re just not doing it right. A logo should be something unforgettable so that the moment that potential customers see it, they get an idea of what you’re about and never forget it. That way, should they ever decide to make a call, they’ll call you first.

Factors in Designing a Business Logo

When you use the company logo generator, there are things that you should remember to maximize the benefits for your business. There are three main things to think about when making a business logo:

  • Coloration: Use bright colors for your business logo. The best choices are blue, red, yellow, green or white. For a good example, see the logo from Mosaique FM or tafeltenniscoach.nl
  • Shapes: Some shapes can be fascinating to people and the primary choice for this usually includes triangles and circles.
  • Themes: If at all possible, making the contents of your logo contain images associated with your actual business.

Manual edits

Perhaps you created the perfect design with our business logo generator, except for that tiny nuance. Maybe it's the color of a letter, or maybe you want a combination of two logos… it annoys you and you want to fix it. That's why there is a manual service for you included with every purchase! For no additional cost we adjust simple things such as color, size and letter placement. For free!

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