The Process of Logo Design

process-logo-designLogo design belongs in the category of ‘graphic design’, so what is graphic design? The word ‘graphic’ is the easiest part to define. It is a type of design that gives you logos, business cards, stationary packages, posters, diagrams, the list goes on. In my dictionary one description of ‘graphic’ is a vivid description. So you could say that ‘graphic design’ needs to be a vivid description of the information you are displaying or selling.

Design is a verb. This is what my ‘process’ would involve for a logo design…

Step One: Realizing the problem or what exactly is required.

For this you need to speak with your client and get a good feel with what it is exactly they are looking for, need or want in a logo. The client is always right. After talking with my client it can be a good idea to write, say, two short concise sentences stating the problem that needs solving, this becomes my ‘design brief’.

Step Two: Research.

Research involves finding out about things such as your ‘target audience’ who they are and what there wants and needs are, what is popular amongst them, what do they do where do they go. Also if you are designing a logo for a furniture company finding out more about them is beneficial. Also color is important, how many colors to use and why I choose a specific color is important. I want to know anything you think would be beneficial to the design of the logo.

Step Three: Concepts and ideas.

This is the part I enjoy the most. By now after doing all that research into the logo, my head will be buzzing with ideas, colors, layouts, symbols, and the like. Now I need to get them on paper so I don’t forget any of them. I always find it very beneficial to use pen and paper to start with. The way I work on this website is to provide the client with three rough mock-ups of ways or forms the logo might take or resemble. I then get them to pick their preferred choice.


Step Four: Development.

This is where you take the chosen concept for the logo and begin refining it. For this you can explore color ways, layout, alignment, fonts, scale and form. Take the original elements of the concept and experiment with them everyday and anyway you can think of. A good idea to do is only use black and white if you can make it look good like that then add some color afterwards bit by bit.

Step Five: The Solution.

This is the presentation of your completed logo to the client. Make sure how you present you work looks good as well as the logo looking good, excellent presentation can help sell you work too. Remember if the client is not happy you may have to repeat steps it may even mean more research (step two).

Having a process or structure to follow while designing can help keep you mind on track, but just because you’ve completed steps one to five doesn’t mean that it is a linear process. You may find yourself repeating steps because you or ultimately the client isn’t satisfied with the outcome.

You may find setting a limited number of revisions is necessary as sometimes you can find clients might become indecisive if given to many options. While the final outcome is what the client wants you are able to guide them and offer advise. After all they employed you as a professional to provide a service.

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